Should a guardian wish to withdraw a child from the school written notice of such withdrawal must be given to the principal one month in advance , failing which a month’s fee in lieu of notice will be payable to the school. Notice of the withdrawal must be accompanied by a fee of Rs.25/-which is the charge of issuing a transfer certificate. No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues are cleared and school property borrowed by the child is returned to the school. Removal from the School Rolls: The School has a right to strike off a child’s name from the School Roll if:

i) Fee remain unpaid for two consecutive months.

ii) The child fails to attend school on the first and last day of term I/II.

iii) The child is absent from School without the prior written permission of the Principal.

iv) The child persists in irregular attendance.

v) The child’s general conduct is at fault.

vi) The child fails regularly two year in same class.

vii) Poor Academic performance during the year.

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