In this modern & fast moving world, children must have access to the latest changes taking place in the entire world. In nutshell they have to become global citizens to represents our nation in multidisciplinary area Canterbury Bells School has been setup to give value based education to the children with latest & modern techniques so that they can outshine others, with their knowledge, Life, Skills & Indian values, custom & culture. Our dream of establishing a institution where all, even poor & deprived children are considered at par with other children. His Cherished dream has come alive in the form of Canterbury Bells School. So many challenges are still ahead of us. Even if we have reached the star, there is still more to be conquered after that. Learning like love is also a continuous process which knows no relaxation, no boundation and no end. It is our humble request to all the parents to inculcate the values taught at our school in their children. So that they emerge out as happy 7 successful citizen of our nation and are empowered to face the challenges of the world.
School may be hard, annoying, and irritating. But admit it; you are going to miss it when it ends.


S.P. Pancholi 


Education dispels the darkness of illiteracy and plays an important role in developing overall human personality. It is heartening to know that this prestigious institute glorious tradition of being committed to the cultivation of mind, body & spirit that helps the student to become balanced, competent & curious. Ever since the inception it has produced very talented students, who have commendable achievements to their credit in various fields of human endeavour. Love & knowledge are two requisites for right actions. The school by caring the children’s and helping them to gain wisdom helps them to pursue the path of right actions, but when the children look around and see wrong things happening their mind start wondering. I convey my blessings to all the students of Canterbury Bells School and wish them all the best their shining future.


Ruchi Mamgai

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