About Canter Bury Bell School

Canterbury Bells School is a co-educational, senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. The school is situated in Nagal Jwalapur and Lachhiwala, Doiwala, in district Dehradun and is dedicated to provide good education to build character and moral of students.
The school was established on 2nd April, 1998, at Lachhiwala, Dehradun with about 60 students and since than strength is going upwards. This year in 2013 the new campus of school started at Nagal Jwalapur, Doiwala, Dehradun and office of the school is in old campus at Lacchiwala, Dehradun.
How we get the name of ‘Canterbury Bells”? Canterbury is a name of the place in United Kingdom, which is famous for cricket, but we have nothing to do with that place. “Canterbury Bells” is a name of the flower, which is beautiful, scented and light blue in colour as of sky. The name is fission of qualities and we want to have these qualities in our student, for us sky is the limit.


To impart education with maximum value at minimum cost to each and every child, supported by commitment and dedication of the CBS fraternity. We believe in terms of innovation and continuous upgradation of technology for providing best of facilities and expertise teaching to the students

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