Our Mission

The aim of the institute is to impart an all round education to children, inculcating in them feelings of patriotism and brotherhood and make them spiritual and pure minded persons to elevate the tone of the society in which they live and move. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Sanskrit is taught in all the classes.
To be a unique school, acknowledged universally as a leader in flexible teaching and learning for overall development of students. So that they can contribute strongly to the sustainable development of the region and communities in which they operate.

➢ Strive to achieve qualitative improvement in education and increase in the productivity of students for augmentation of their personality both at individual and group level.

➢ Serve for creations of increase self-dependent opportunities to achieve higher standards of living of future nationals.
➢ Strive to achieve higher global interaction from the country.
➢ Work for preservation of our cultural heritage.
➢ Continue to improve quality of life of the community/society.
➢ To achieve the above mission, we implement various courses /training and relative activities in our campus and through outdoor scene.
➢ Skill upgradation of the students.
➢ Overall medical awareness e.g. health awareness, diet awareness, clothing awareness, fitness programmes.
➢ Self defence training, Scientific Yoga and Vedanta.
➢ Transport awareness, heritage outings and traditional rituals.

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